06 December 2012


The Killer Gerbil has some fresh products from prints to iPhone case and pillow, now available for sale online via Society6, an online platform which helps in production using highest quality materials. 
Artworks will be updated from time to time so follow through here: http://society6.com/TheKillerGerbil

04 December 2012


These lovely people already got their hands and repping the official Killer Gerbil G-Shock watch proudly, have you?

Limited to 300 pieces, The Killer Gerbil G-Shock won't be around for long so make your way down to G-Shock store at Plaza Singapura to get yours today!

28 November 2012


The Killer Gerbil was given the honour and opportunity by the good people from G-Shock to create an official Killer Gerbil G-Shock watch to commemorate the opening of the first local G-Shock Concept Store here in Singapore where the unveiling of the watch took place at Plaza Singapura.

Inspired by the concept behind fixed gear riding, the design are heavily influenced by the adrenalin and beauty of riding a fixed gear bikes; clean and minimal without brake and gear cables running along the frame and the motion of having to keep on peddling to move forward.

The designs on the straps had The Killer Gerbil character adorning the single cog to represent fixed gear bike while the rainbow motive represents world champion in bicycle racing discipline because The Killer Gerbil believes that anyone can be a champion in whatever they are good at and to always keep on pushing oneself to achieve one's goal in life.

A limited run of 300 pieces available worldwide at a retail price of SGD$209 and you know these guys won't stay for long!

07 November 2012


The good people of t-ninja crew from all the way in Russia recently invited The Killer Gerbil for an interesting online collaboration project called "Multi Rider Bike Collab".

Every now and then, a set of 4 artists will lend their characters to join in and ride on 4 seater tandem bicycle which will result in series of stickers which will be printed and available for download.

Check out t-ninja crew's flick site to check out more!
    (L-R t-ninja crew, zonenkinder, art 1 & yours truly)

04 November 2012


The Killer Gerbil is invited by local entertainment and lifestyle magazine JUICE to create an artwork based on their magazine cover for an upcoming JUICE annual anniversary party which will be happening at Zouk sometime in November along with 9 other prominent figures in the local industry. Titled "Go JUICE Or Go Home", this artwork is graffiti inspired with a team of Gerbils repping JUICE on a heaven spot (hard-to-reach places such as rooftops and freeway signs, thus making them hard to remove) using cut-out graphics to achieve that 3 dimensional feel to this artwork. Thank you JUICE for the opportunity and to many many successful times ahead!

21 October 2012


The Killer Gerbil was recently given a modeling stint for Converse latest lookbook featuring their latest offerings along with local artist Ink10, hitting up a quick mural for the shoot.

Directed by Singapore's very own Sulhan, it was a definitely great experience to be part of this exciting shoot, painting while trying to look at best in the heat.

Thank you Converse and Nookmag for the opportunity!

08 October 2012


On yet another travel opportunity, The Killer Gerbil visited Rotorua, New Zealand to learn the Kiwi way of simple life away from the hustle and bustle.

What not to love with miles of open field and fresh air!

18 September 2012


The Killer Gerbil was once again invited to be part of local entertainment magazine Nanyou on their "Men's Favourite Toys" September issue. We decided to use our old Batik Gerbil creation which we thought fits the bill and just in case you can't read Mandarin from below's article, here's what we have to say about our contribution:"I remember growing up with a favorite Teddy Bear soft toy which was my everything. It followed me wherever I went and I can't never sleep without it beside me at night. My punching bag when times were tough as a kid and a great listener, I decided to experiment the ancient art of Batik and graffiti with little sewing experience to create my very own soft toy in ode of my great Teddy Bear."

Thank you Nanyou for the opportunity as always!

23 August 2012


The Killer Gerbil is excited to release our very own custom home button sticker for your beloved Apple iPad/iPhone/iTouch.

Shit is on a limited run and is at S$3 per button. Send your interest at thekillergerbil@gmail.com

21 August 2012


Passed by my usual route to work and discovered a sticker I pasted 1.5 years ago, all worn out from the daily beating in the tropical season. Nice to see how things evolve in time and also a reminder that nothing in this life last forever.

18 August 2012


The Killer Gerbil wishes a blessed & prosperous Eid Mubarak to all who is celebrating around the world and a happy holiday!