18 July 2012


Sometime last month I was contacted by Dutch TV program 3 Op Reis which focus on travels and happenings abroad to shoot and interview The Killer Gerbil while they were here. It was a real honor to be the guest star on the show and I was more than happy to show them for abit, doing all those touristy shit and more.

Check out the episode here which was aired on Dutch national TV: http://3opreis.bnn.nl/video/65e8ee2a2bf71117c5435b6e8a984b32

09 July 2012


Monday art & craft.

06 July 2012


That guy on Friday's 6th July edition of TODAY newspaper..

02 July 2012


I first met Aaron Lazy some 6 years ago when he was working for Sup Clothing in Haji Lane which I frequent and we've been good friends ever since. He's best known as the store mascot for his great personality, positive attitude towards life and the love for alcohol.

 2 years back I did a caricature drawing of him as a gift in which he promised me that he'll tattoo the artwork one fine day and last week he surprised me by fulfilling it which is by far the most awesome feeling that I as an artist can ever ask, inked artwork for life!

Thank you so much Aaron Lazy for the love, this could not be any better!

ps. Shout out to Werxmeister & Haiqal Anwar for the photographs.