28 August 2010


The Killer Gerbil had the chance to be invited by Japanese clothing label Bape for a meet and greet session with the founder himself Nigo who flew all the way down from Japan to launch the latest Bape's Sanrio Baby Milo collection earlier today.

Nigo who started his urban clothing line way back in 1993 had seen massive success ever since from sold out seasonal collections to collabs with big international names among many successful others.

It was definitely an honour to be able to meet with the big little man himself and shout out to Kevin and Bape Singapore for the opportunity!

26 August 2010


The simple things in life long forgotten. Oil pastels and paper fasteners to relive the good old crafty days.

Ahh memories..

23 August 2010


My long time buddy and multi-talent Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) based hiphop emcee Altimet was in town over the past weekend to perform at the Esplanade along with the region's biggest hiphop heavyweights.

Known for his invincibility in rhymes battles and freestyling, Altimet has won several awards with his radio hits and always stayed fresh experimenting with different music genres from drum & bass to ska and everything else in between. The never-not-working Altimet is also a dj, co-founder of Mixology DJ Academy, manager at Powder Records and tv host. In short, dude's huge back home.

Pictured below is Altimet himself repping The Killer Gerbil "Endorsed" raglan tshirt which he rocked during his entire performance which definitely caught me by surprise. It's definitely an honour!

(L-R: SketchOne, Altimet, The Killer Gerbil, Syaheed)

10 August 2010


Long time friends and local hiphop finest THECRAZY88 had finally released their long awaited self titled EP on what's better date than August 8th (8/8) and I couldn't be more excited to be supporting their cause and love for pushing local hiphop scene.

Made up of the crazy talented duo Ishmael Benjamin & Yushilmi Saini aka Shino, they are part of Singapore independent hiphop collective XS1 which had been around more than a decade always striving while keeping it real locally without all those bling bling, hoes and gun tooting bullshit.

Produced by the beat masters behind XS1 & BrandNewFeeling, THECRAZY88 8 tracks EP can be downloaded here for free with tons of name drops you be familiar with so do spread the love around cause that's the least you can do for the time and mad effort the guys had given in this self funded project and to many more.

Kudos to THECRAZY88 for finally making this happened and keep doing your thing like how it always been, I can never be prouder! Do also check out their first released music video for the EP which happened to be my personal favourite track "GILA" below.

"Strolling down Haji Lane (Sup homeboy?)
Looking at my thing now (Sup homeboy?)
Gerbil on my pocket so (Sup homeboy?)
C-A-S on the bike.."
- Sup, TheCrazy88

09 August 2010


It's that time of the year again Singapore reached its biggest day in history, this year hitting a good old 45 years of independence with many things happening since the last but with the same old bullshit that never change. Let's hope it rain on the parade this year.

Happy holiday everyone!

The Killer Gerbil & Antz circa 2007

07 August 2010


The Killer Gerbil had the honour to be invited by Japanese clothing label Bape to paint live alongside other local heroes in support to raise money for Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund in which artworks will be auctioned off and proceeds will go entirely to charity.

The event which was held earlier today at Mandarin Gallery saw crowds doing their bit for charity while kicking off under the sun with live music and dance performances apart from the visual candies.

A huge thank you to the Bape Singapore crew for the love and complimentary head to toe gears and the opportunity for The Killer Gerbil to lend a hand in this fund raising campaign!

05 August 2010


The Killer Gerbil was on local Malay tv program Suria's "Princess & Jurukamera" as guest artist on the docudrama. Just in case you missed the show, tonight's episode featured graffiti art with yours truly schooling the masses on the low down with no scripts and random dialogues while collaborating on a quick mural with the actors.

Catch "Princess & Jurukamera" every Thursday 8:30pm on Suria channel.


The Killer Gerbil will be painting live for Japanese clothing label Bape in support to raise money for Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

The charity event will kick off this coming weekend on 7 & 8 August at Mandarin Gallery from 12pm to 6pm so do drop by and do your bit in the good name of charity!

03 August 2010


Old time friend also international rap superstar Lupe Fiasco who was in town for SINGfest (South East Asia's Premier LIVE Music Event) along with the good people from homegrown outfit FALSE dropped by and paid The Killer Gerbil a surprise visit at Sup Clothing store in Haji Lane despite the bad weather here to catch up over lost times.

Lupe and I first met in 2005 at IdN Conference here in Singapore at the time he was building his career in the music industry and since then has gone successfully huge through his love and passion for hip-hop with various music award title under his belt.

Lupe Fiasco will be performing at SINGfest on 4th of August happening at Fort Canning Park along other international fames like Kanye West, Katy Perry and Smashing Pumpkins among others.

It was definitely nice to catch up again with the ever so humble and talented Lupe and we can only wish for more success for his career in time to come.