25 December 2009


The Killer Gerbil was invited to custom a blank Quintin cap for a group show in Tokyo, Japan from last month's post alongside many other huge international artists. The event was a success with DJs on set and live graffiti on the opening night that was held at Shibuya Club Axxcis.

Special shout out to Andrew Wu of Evolution Holdings for the opportunity to represent Singapore and The Royal Breed for the coverage on the opening night!

18 December 2009


The Killer Gerbil was invited by the good people from local Indie/Rock legend Plainsunset to design a special edition collab tshirt for their latest album release called "Collabo-8" which took place at Esplanade.

The Killer Gerbil X Plainsunset tshirts were made available for sale in limited quantity on the album release night or drop them an email to purchase. Grab their CD while you're at it and support local heroes!

16 December 2009


You remembered my first Killer Gerbil batik plush try out from several posts ago as a gift for my buddy's little girl.

Apparently that batik plush was spotted by my buddy himself on youtube while he's doing some researching on the world wide web on the artform.

Internet is God.

14 December 2009


Fixed gear biking culture has been growing tremendously huge over the past 5 years and its already catching up in our tiny humid island like a swine flu here in Singapore for the past year or so.

Last week the good people from Sup Clothing and one of Singapore's fixed gear community Crank Arm Steady held the first Tour Of Singapore on fixed gear, 120km around Singapore coastline with over 50 participants from all walks of life for the one day tour and its definitely nice to meet new and old fellow cyclists.

The tour took us about 10 hours to complete with a few pitstops in between and congrats to the 90% (including our only female rider) that survived the ordeal, this tour would never happen without you, your motivation and strength.

To those who didn't, you know you're the weakest link. Go sell your bike and pick up gardening or something less vigorous.

Just kidding! Practice harder for next year and stop whining.

09 December 2009


You heard about Google Maps' latest and coolest Street View feature. Now lets see what we can find in a click or two :)

07 December 2009


The Killer Gerbil was commissioned by Singapore's Health Promotion Board to paint a mural over the weekend in conjunction of World AIDS Day which event was held at Supperclub.

HIV is for real so stop fucking around and wear the rubber if you must. Be safe.

04 December 2009


The Killer Gerbil latest installment for Sup Clothing comes in 2 new designs inspired by the people who's down with us since day one and our love for fixed gear riding.

"All Over All Rounder" and "Drop Bars Not Bomb" tees are now available at Sup Clothing store at 34 Haji Lane so grab them before they are all gone just like before.

For international orders please contact: sales@supclothing.com