28 November 2012


The Killer Gerbil was given the honour and opportunity by the good people from G-Shock to create an official Killer Gerbil G-Shock watch to commemorate the opening of the first local G-Shock Concept Store here in Singapore where the unveiling of the watch took place at Plaza Singapura.

Inspired by the concept behind fixed gear riding, the design are heavily influenced by the adrenalin and beauty of riding a fixed gear bikes; clean and minimal without brake and gear cables running along the frame and the motion of having to keep on peddling to move forward.

The designs on the straps had The Killer Gerbil character adorning the single cog to represent fixed gear bike while the rainbow motive represents world champion in bicycle racing discipline because The Killer Gerbil believes that anyone can be a champion in whatever they are good at and to always keep on pushing oneself to achieve one's goal in life.

A limited run of 300 pieces available worldwide at a retail price of SGD$209 and you know these guys won't stay for long!