31 December 2013


2013 marks The Killer Gerbil's 10th year journey in the creative world working with many great talents and establishments realizing projects that I could only dreamt of before while making new friendships and extending families.

2013 also saw the opportunity to explore the world, appreciating sight, smell and sound while learning new cultures and languages with hope of being a better individual with all these experiences.

Thank you all for the love and support and to a better 2014!

26 December 2013


The Killer Gerbil aka Jesus Christ Superstar wishes all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

15 December 2013


SUPFXKGB is a 3-way collab between local lifestyle labels PEONFX, Sup Clothing and yours truly with artwork graphics inspired by the folklore and superstition of the unlucky Friday the 13th.

The capsule collection consists of tshirt, sweatshirt, reversible bucket hat and handcrafted oak wood skateboard deck and are now available for sale at Sup Clothing store @ 34 Haji Lane.

14 December 2013


A big thank you to all who came to grace and support SUPFXKGB capsule collection release party and not to mention the good sponsors for blessing the night with awesome beverages! Hope everyone had a blast!

The capsule collection is now available for sale only at Sup Clothing store @ 34 Haji Lane.

12 December 2013


The Killer Gerbil is proud to announce a 3-way collab capsule collection with SG's honchos PEONFX & Sup Clothing happening Friday 13th Dec at Sup Clothing store 34 Haji Lane.

Expect the return of the street party for our release courtesy of our good sponsors. See you party people there!

06 November 2013


A fresh new week to be blessed with fresh goods from the nice people of #PumaSG featuring the great comeback of the classic PUMA Slipstream from 1988, which was a hit with b-ballers and b-boys from the heyday!

For Autumn-Winter, 2013 PUMA has gone wild with the Slipstream; slipping 5 new funky colour ways while maintaining the original overall aesthetic of the hi-top. PUMA also had renowned New York artist Todd James aka REAS onboard the mothership to create a series of artwork in which he explores the hustle & bustle of the city, transmuting urban energy into vibrant characters as tshirt graphics.

PUMA Autumn-Winter 2013 collection is now available in stores so get your funky grooves on already!

04 November 2013


#thekillergerbil is proud to be part of #PumaSG latest #ForTheStreet campaign, bringing 1988's Slipstream sneaker craze back in 2013!

More in time to come stay tuned! #sg

03 November 2013


It's that time of the year where The Killer Gerbil took some time off for an adventure, this time across the international time zone in New York to absorb the sight, smell and sound this city has to offer.

A city that never sleeps, there's way too much to explore over a short time span so there's always a reason to come back in the near future.

Until next time!