29 October 2009


Local online magazine RCGNTN that strictly focus on local talents recently did an one-on-one interview with The Killer Gerbil on what you need to know.

Click here to read all about it: http://rcgntn.com/blog/2009/10/28/interview-killer-gerbil/

A huge thanks to RCGNTN crew for the love and support!

18 October 2009


The Killer Gerbil for Carbon4 BBQ party on the street with family and friends enjoying good food and beer in the most humid weather ever while I'm working on perfecting a dick.

16 October 2009


The Killer Gerbil will once again be doing another live painting session just outside Carbon4 store at 69 Haji Lane this coming Saturday evening 17th October for a small BBQ party. Shits will be on sale too so do pop by without your top on.

12 October 2009


The Killer Gerbil was in the island of paradise Bali for a quick getaway while meeting some good people. Apart from all those touristy tour spots and witnessing the breathtaking sunset in Kuta beach, the highlight of this trip was to visit and meet up with the Obey crew who are based in Bali in which I get to witness them in action wheatpasting a massive collage high up on the side of a building in downtown with throngs of onlookers and passer-bys crowding the roadside creating a crazy pile-up.

LA's finest renowned graff photographer Keegan Gibbs were also coincidentally in town and it was definitely an honor to have meet the guy who does wonders behind his lens. Of course I have to leave some love wherever I went so I got to hung out and painted with the local boys over at Obey's backyard over good laughs in the sun.

Thank you Bali for the good times. I'll see you in the sun soon.

Click here to check out my daily photoblog for more Bali travel photos and wish you were there.

04 October 2009


As of the previous post, The Killer Gerbil X Carbon4 collab tees which were made specially for the launch of Carbon4 are now available at their store (69 Haji Lane) at a limited quantity of 100 pieces only and each tee comes in an individually hand-screened envelope packaging.

Tees are flying of the shelves as you are reading this so quick get your act on. Tell them The Killer Gerbil sent you.

Email store@carbon-four.com for international orders.

01 October 2009


I had the privilege to paint with good old buddies and local heroes Antz & Zero, this time for Carbon4 launch party Zouk mural which had to be done beforehand outside Carbon4's store in Haji Lane due the restriction of indoor spraying in the club. We were invited by Carbon4 to create 2 murals which will be placed at Zouk's main entrance and on stage for the catwalk backdrop.

You can check out the murals at Zouk this coming Saturday 3rd October for Carbon4 launch party. Cheers!