26 October 2014


A quick fun water theme collar with local hero Syco03 for a friend's new place. Surf's up!

25 October 2014


The good guys from the world famous and well-loved mint Tic Tac is proud to hold an awesome contest where they invite you to express your creativity on a blank Tic Tac pack into something refreshing for a chance to win some exciting prizes including a trip for 2 to street art city, Melbourne among others!

Tic Tac also recently approached The Killer Gerbil to be part of this fun project as a brand ambassador to inspire and encourage everyone young and old in this campaign through self-expression and creation. For this, Tic Tac has made a cool video on The Killer Gerbil's take on Tic Tac and more:

 The Killer Gerbil design for Tic Tac is inspired by the brand's mints that are available in a variety of flavours and the act of sticker pasting in street art. "Gerbilgram" are made up of individual artwork that represents the different colours and flavours that can be found in various Tic Tac flip-action packaging and arranged in a manner to replicate sticker pasting so every individual design are prominent.

You can download Tic Tac "Design Your Pack" template at http://designyourpack.com/sg, so start creating yours digitally or manually! Contest ends 19 November 2014, good luck!