29 September 2009


The Killer Gerbil will be painting live for the launch of the new local label/store Carbon4 along other great performance from local acts and abroad. Also in conjunction for this launch party, Carbon4 will be releasing a special edition Killer Gerbil X Carbon4 military themed collab tees which will be available on sale and with a limited run of 100 pieces, you best get your queue mode on before its all snapped up.

Click on the flyer below for more info on the lowdown and see you party people there!

24 September 2009


The Killer Gerbil just completed a commissioned graffiti mural for local label/store Carbon4. Located at 69 Haji Lane, Carbon4 is inspired by post war theme which they requested for their gas mask and splatter logo graphics on the 2 storey facade and free play for the interior which took 3 days to complete with tons of smoke breaks in between.

Carbon4 is already open for business as you are reading this and be sure to drop by to check out their store where they also carry good labels with likes of Obey, Xlarge and Subcrew apart from their own upcoming merchandises.

23 September 2009


Maybe you don't already know but Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) is down with The Killer Gerbil!

Are you?

19 September 2009


The Killer Gerbil now have a fanpage on Facebook, all thanks to my buddy the photographer Mr Yasin Rahim aka Mr 36 who created it since I don't have a Facebook account (which I'm not interested in, ever).

So go on and click here to join the The Killer Gerbil movement for all yall who's on Facebook spending half of your daily life "socially networking" for future happenings and updates.

Once again a huge thanks to Mr 36 for creating and maintaining the page!

15 September 2009


I received an email last month regarding SingTel's "The Mosaic Project" contest for local designers to showcase their talent which short listed entries will see the world and winners from open and school categories will win some funky new cellphone. I decided to drop my character in for the fun of it which was later chosen as one of the 10 short listed entry! Nice!

The media event which were held at Supperclub, Odeon Towers got to witness all 10 artworks which graced the walls for the attendees viewing pleasure.

05 September 2009


I frequent Indonesian lifestyle forum Footurama for all those daily updates and had a pretty surprise stumbled upon an unofficial sneakers custom by a local customizer that goes by the name of ngishngosh with his customized pair of Vans Chukka covered in The Killer Gerbil graphics. Looking real good!

Thanks to ngishngosh for the love and send a pair over already!

01 September 2009


Spotted my buddy Very Masa repping The Killer Gerbil X Sup Clothing raglan from all the way in Hong Kong!

Nice to see our local stuffs out in foreign lands. Ride safe Masa!