28 June 2009


The Killer Gerbil was invited by the good people from orders, an urbanism magazine that covers culture and architecture/urban design all the way from Bandung, Indonesia, to share a day in the life of The Killer Gerbil behind the lens in their #4 issue. And if you think my daily grind is interesting enough, its not. Life is no fairy tale and I do what you wankers do too to pay the bills but still keeping it real while I'm at it.

Anyhow thanks to orders magazine for the opportunity and to those who wish for a copy, drop them an email and tell them you're a huge Killer Gerbil fanboy and you want to be inspired and do what he does everyday and someday grow up to be like him. Yeah tell them that.


25 June 2009


Something brewing at the Gerbilaboratory and I'm not going to say much about this for now so stalker mode on people.

You see it here first.

20 June 2009


If you have not already know, The Killer Gerbil too jumped on the Twitter bandwagon for those instant updates and what nots.

No unnecessary gay tweeting so follow it here for future updates and happenings: http://twitter.com/thekillergerbil

17 June 2009


A quick interview follow-up from the good people of YOLO.

Click here to check it out!

12 June 2009


Well it seems the whole hype about the Nike Air Yeezy hasn't quite settle yet and now we have the man himself, Kanye West, featuring Killer Gerbil on the front page of his blog on last week's Singapore launch. No biggie but hey at least we're doing something in this little island and get heard.

Anyway, click here to check out Kanye's blog.

07 June 2009


Finally the launch of the last colourway of the much hyped Nike Air Yeezy sneakers were released yesterday at Singapore's Nike Flagship Store at Wisma Atria. Sneakerheads and resellers queued hours ahead before doors were open for the balloting and only the lucky 50 will get their hands to purchase the Yeezy at retail. Some lucky people also get away with the limited Killer Gerbil X Nike Air Yeezy tees that were made specially for this event while everyone else were given free posters of the artwork by the end of the event.

Congratulations to those who got their hands on both the Yeezy and tees and just for the record, no I dont get a free Air Yeezy just because I did the artwork for Nike. Ok enjoy the flicks!

01 June 2009


What do you know, The Killer Gerbil X Sup pocket tee got much love over the other side of world with the young and famous Matt Cohen off www.itsbongoboy.com repping it. At only 13 years of age, Matt runs a blog that focus on art, fashion and music and he already interviewed some heavy hitters in the industry you can only dream meeting. Stay up Matt!

For yall out there who wish to get hold of The Killer Gerbil X Sup pocket tee, its still not too late to get it from Sup store (both online and off). Shit is limited so act quick.