27 February 2010


The Killer Gerbil will be exhibiting 5 new sets of artwork for an upcoming local graffiti/street art group show alongside Singapore's best such as Antz, SCOPE, SLAC, TRASE & Zero.

Curated by Zaki Razak & Zul Othman, "Is This Home Truly" will take place at Fortune Cookies Projects @ 39 Keppel Road #02-04 Tanjong Pagar Distripark from 5th - 22nd March 2010.

Witness local street art history in the making, you best not miss this shit!

13 February 2010


Happy Lunar New Year to my Chinese people of the world!

10 February 2010


You read about my Europe trip from last month and while I was there, my buddy rastAsia from The Netherlands actually took his precious time out to do an unofficial random interview of my take and thoughts on my trip to the old world which filming took place at Arc de Triomphe in Paris and Marriott Hotel in Amsterdam.

If that's not cool enough, the 13 minute length video interview were done in Dutch, French and Malay in just one take while trying to stay sane in the cold so don't mind the randomness in the answers.

Ok I leave you all to the video brought to you loud and proud by rastAsia production!

06 February 2010


Another year has passsed and this year Singapore's very own Sup Clothing has reached their second year in existence as one of the local finest producing mad stuffs time after time.

For this year Sup Clothing yet again collaborated with The Killer Gerbil to produce three anniversary tshirts which illustrations are hand drawn by yours truly.

The "2nd Year Annivesary Crest" tshirt takes inspiration from soccer jerseys with two green stars symbolizing two years and the handshake signifying strength regardless of race.

The "Facade" tshirt pays homage to the store, pretty much summarizing what the store means to many as a venue to drink at, hang out, make friends, ride, barbeques and having good times.

The "Ping Pong" tshirt is inspired by the good people of Sup Clothing love for table tennis which they fight it out daily after a hard day's work for fitness recreation.

Congratulations to Sup Clothing on their second year anniversary and keep on doing justice to the streets like how it supposed to.

Sup Clothing 2nd Year Anniversary collections are already made available on sale in store or you can get yours online on their webstore.

02 February 2010


The Killer Gerbil was in France and The Netherlands travelling halfway across the globe for 2 weeks doing the old world in the cold for a getaway to get inspired while making new friends and meeting old buddies.

Blame the jet lag, I'll save the words for some other time. In the meanwhile feast yourself to the pics and video below. Wake me up when its December.