08 January 2009


The Killer Gerbil was invited by Puma Ocean Racing to design their yatch alongside other local artists which was showcased at their event in Clarke Quay.

Thank you Puma for the opportunity.

01 January 2009


Happy 2009 and welcome to the all new Killer Gerbil site where shit are fresher than fresh. Long gone the good times of yesterday and here come a new start. I've also added a new link on the right called Daily Photoblog where I showcase my obsession with snapshots photography of my everyday happenings updated daily without fail.

So to commemorate this humble beginning, I give you The Killer Gerbil Hope sticker to start the 2009 with some slaps.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay.

Oh by the way click here for the sticker you freeloaders.