15 October 2010


What up my good people sorry I left this space with the lack of updates. Recently I just quit my day job to seek happiness and was picking up the pieces left behind and shits never get busier than this. My day to day has been filled with schedules of deadlines and meetings but that doesn't stop me from routine rides with my good mates from local outfit Crank Arm Steady who were also responsible behind last year's Tour Of Singapore (150km around Singapore coast line on fixed gear).

Just like any other breakfast ride before work resume, yesterday I decided to feed my random bombing need somewhere long forgotten. With no sketch and leftover cans in hand, I present you this quick clip in tune for this year's Tour Of Singapore which will be happening on 11 December 2010. Video edit by yours truly with awesome tribute track "Crank Arm Stereo" by the good people from TheCrazy88.

Ride safe all!