14 December 2009


Fixed gear biking culture has been growing tremendously huge over the past 5 years and its already catching up in our tiny humid island like a swine flu here in Singapore for the past year or so.

Last week the good people from Sup Clothing and one of Singapore's fixed gear community Crank Arm Steady held the first Tour Of Singapore on fixed gear, 120km around Singapore coastline with over 50 participants from all walks of life for the one day tour and its definitely nice to meet new and old fellow cyclists.

The tour took us about 10 hours to complete with a few pitstops in between and congrats to the 90% (including our only female rider) that survived the ordeal, this tour would never happen without you, your motivation and strength.

To those who didn't, you know you're the weakest link. Go sell your bike and pick up gardening or something less vigorous.

Just kidding! Practice harder for next year and stop whining.