10 August 2010


Long time friends and local hiphop finest THECRAZY88 had finally released their long awaited self titled EP on what's better date than August 8th (8/8) and I couldn't be more excited to be supporting their cause and love for pushing local hiphop scene.

Made up of the crazy talented duo Ishmael Benjamin & Yushilmi Saini aka Shino, they are part of Singapore independent hiphop collective XS1 which had been around more than a decade always striving while keeping it real locally without all those bling bling, hoes and gun tooting bullshit.

Produced by the beat masters behind XS1 & BrandNewFeeling, THECRAZY88 8 tracks EP can be downloaded here for free with tons of name drops you be familiar with so do spread the love around cause that's the least you can do for the time and mad effort the guys had given in this self funded project and to many more.

Kudos to THECRAZY88 for finally making this happened and keep doing your thing like how it always been, I can never be prouder! Do also check out their first released music video for the EP which happened to be my personal favourite track "GILA" below.

"Strolling down Haji Lane (Sup homeboy?)
Looking at my thing now (Sup homeboy?)
Gerbil on my pocket so (Sup homeboy?)
C-A-S on the bike.."
- Sup, TheCrazy88