23 August 2010


My long time buddy and multi-talent Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) based hiphop emcee Altimet was in town over the past weekend to perform at the Esplanade along with the region's biggest hiphop heavyweights.

Known for his invincibility in rhymes battles and freestyling, Altimet has won several awards with his radio hits and always stayed fresh experimenting with different music genres from drum & bass to ska and everything else in between. The never-not-working Altimet is also a dj, co-founder of Mixology DJ Academy, manager at Powder Records and tv host. In short, dude's huge back home.

Pictured below is Altimet himself repping The Killer Gerbil "Endorsed" raglan tshirt which he rocked during his entire performance which definitely caught me by surprise. It's definitely an honour!

(L-R: SketchOne, Altimet, The Killer Gerbil, Syaheed)