16 June 2012


The Killer Gerbil was invited by Nike to be part of Nike Cortez 40th Anniversary by creating an art piece through customizing the sneakers which will showcased soon along with 7 other local celebrities. Participants were invited to Singaporean sneakers customizer Mark Ong aka SBTG's workshop in which he share his customizing skills and help through the progress of individual custom.

Titled "Merantau", the term depict Minankabau (Indonesia) culture where the males of the family upon puberty will seek out new lands for life experience or fortune. Inspired by the culture, this custom also relate to my life as an artist working under The Killer Gerbil name for almost 10 years and the challenges faced as a graffiti artist in Singapore.

This custom encapsulates my signature style that I've perfected over the years and as Cortez is an inspiring shoe with many years of history, I too wish to celebrate my 40th as an artist 30 years in good times to come.