27 January 2012


Sometimes late last year I was approached by the good guys from Streething which runs web-based news that covers daily dosage of urban culture and everything in between to be part of Lee Jeans latest campaign called "The City Is Mine" as featured rider for their latest cycling friendly denims.

Shot and edited by Jules from Streething, the video featured both The Killer Gerbil and the fixed gear culture in Singapore and more. Check it out!

This season, Lee Jeans has expanded their repertoire to include a clothing line geared towards cycling in the city. Dubbed 'Urban Riders', the classic cowboy jeans company moves from horses to bicycles, and with that the focus is on functionality geared towards cyclists rather than the all out ruggedness expected from a pair of denim pants back in the day. The garments feature waterproof zippers, reflective inseams, pockets for mobile phones as well as numerous other touches that move at the pace of the modern day rider.

For their 'The City is Mine' campaign, we caught up with Singaporean visual artist Luthfi Mustafah aka The Killer Gerbil to talk about cycling. While many will know KGB for signature rodent cartoon character, not all who've followed his work throughout the years will know about his interest in fixed gear cycling that started a few years back.

In this video, KGB talks about taking a break from art to work at Lifecycle, a lifestyle bicycle shop. He also talks about his progression in riding preference, as we were all noobs once, so it's nice to hear about that. Then finally, he takes us to his favourite spot to cycle in Singapore. Check the vid! - www.streething.com