04 July 2011


Of late I've been taking some time off of things enjoying my day to day doing what I love helping running a super chill local cycling and lifestyle boutique Life Cycle which also serves as yet another platform to connect with a wider range of like-minded individuals locally and abroad.

Last weekend we headed up to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a night stay to meet up with some new found friends to catch up and get together. We were greeted by a young and talented designer/filmmaker/photographer Faz Adhili whom brought us around doing that touristy foodie shit before finding ourselves at Grafa, the new cool spot for all that cycling and design needs run by 3 humble creatives and crew.

I of course took the chance to leave some love around the neighborhood and a quick mural for Faz's studio before heading back to the mainland.

A huge thanks to our Malaysian connection (Faz Adhili Creative Lab, Grafa, Wheel Love) for their hospitality, time and wall space. We can't wait for more in the near future!