11 June 2010


On my last visit to Europe, I took the opportunity to catch up with my cousin Hasan who's living and working in The Netherlands for over 6 years and spent a good 7 days with his family, doing the Dutch thing. Hasan is a tech nerd, if theres a term for that, always with the latest electronic gadgets and shits for personal and work purposes and the man behind production house rastAsia who did my European travel documentation and interview on video.

Here he is repping a custom tee I did while I was there and was probably drunk drawing since I vaguely remember doing it!

Next we have my lovely nieces Zahara and Leia in their newly converted games room which murals I did on the walls came as a surprise for the girls who were in school when painting was in progress.

They were so proud of the artwork, I remembered them staying in the room, wide-eyed the whole time after I presented them the new look.

Thank you so much for the great updates cousin and enjoy the beautiful summer with the family. I'll see you guys soon!