24 March 2010


The current local arts and music scenes are definitely progressing from time to time and its really good to know the people around me are pushing the envelopes harder than before to step up their game.

I knew of a Kevin Lester or he's formally known as Switch from the band "Bonafide Vintage Flav'r" who is a rap figure in the local hip hop scene from way back in the day. BVF had impressive shits with hit songs that ride the local air waves and nominated best local band and song in between.

Fast forward 8 years later and disbanded, Kevin now took on his solo act full time creating good music just like how its supposed to be. Kevin just recently completed a video for his latest track "Rockstar" backed by the geniuses behind Bedsty Music. This is one video you don't fucking want to miss knowing it is done right here in the Lion City with cameos by local head honchos with no pretentious shit whatsoever because this is where its at!