29 March 2009


So I went downunder to visit Melbourne for a week for a timeout from daily grind to catch up with friends and to check out my all time favourite artist KR who was in town for a show and I'm a fanboy like that! Heres a quick rundown:

1.Fellow artist and buddy Melbourne based Drew from Malaysia and countryman CGS took their time out to show around the beautiful city.
2. Hung out at Aussie's greatest collective Everfresh studio with MEGGS REKA and Memphisto Jones to name a few to get inspired and acquired some artworks including the limited edition MEGGS He-Man bust.
3. Caught up with Numskull who visited Singapore last year and Aussie famous sneaker customizer Sekure D who dropped by while I left my mark at Elizabeth & Collins.
4.Finally met KR at his show in person after emails from way back and was blessed with some goodies.
5. Though the beer's cheap but I dont know where those money gone to.

All in all, a great travel experience with fond memories and inspirations. More pictures at my daily photoblog.

Thank you Melbourne for the good times. You've been a wonderful host.